Colors & Patterns of Everyone
For us, colors and patterns are very personal. We believe both of them are something that creates character and habit. Representation of color as a character and pattern as habit, are two things that build our mind as a whole beautiful design. In other words, we want people think what we deliver is not only just goods and collection,  but we want them to look and feel that we share ideas and influencing positivity.
Motiviga started as a brand that focuses on bags and accessories in 2012. As the brand grows, it turns into something else, something that tries to fit with everybody’s lifestyle. Motiviga uplifts a unique colors and patterns and formed a very distinct way in deliver its message. In this recent moment, Motiviga offers various goods and concepts, from bags to scarf and home decors, from full-printed to solid dyed fabric. This wide range of ideas was made in order to fulfill people’s taste and style.